It takes all kinds of people to make a business successful, the Hazelton Group employ over 160 - every one different, every one important

'From little acorns, oaks TREES grow'

The Group consists of six private companies owned entirely by Tom and Richard Hazelton. The business began as a textile importing company, originating from a spare bedroom with a £15 per week loan and a great deal of guidance from Tom's Dad! The company then moved into property in 1988 with the refurbishment and development of terraced houses leading on to new build development.

The textile business grew dramatically, supplying the fabrics to the manufacturers for Marks and Spencer's while H.I. Limited became a major importer in cotton yarn and fabric from India, Turkey and Europe. This formed the backbone for the growth of the property development interest, and thus created a sustainably sound foundation for the Group as it is today.

Slowly but surely the group moved away from the textile business, and now focuses all its resources on property development, investment and hotels.

Tom Hazelton, Group Managing Director

Tom is the founder of the Group from its beginnings in 1985. He is in overall charge of all land acquisitions, investments, together with the Group strategy and Finance.

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Richard Hazelton, Group Commercial Director

Richard has over 20 years experience in house building and joined the Group in 1991. Originating from the banking industry, Richard is now in charge of all house sales, construction and marketing, with all site managers and sales staff reporting to him.

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Valerie Hazelton, CEO Rushton Hall & Barton Hall

Valerie, Director of Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa and has been involved with the Group since 2003.
She maintains overall control and management of this growing side of the business.

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